Perform at Your Best and Use MORE of your Brain’s Capacity

Brainvincible helps entrepreneurs, executives, and high-achievers overcome brain burn-out and leverage more of their brain’s power through the use of our science-based training programs.

Are you an individual who strives for greatness in life and work?

But lately, you’ve felt bogged down by a mental sludge which has resulted in poor performance, creative blocks, and an overall lack of concentration?

No matter how intelligent and talented you are, it can be difficult to overcome the effects of a slow and sluggish brain.

Do any of these sound like you?

  • Your thoughts feel like they are racing or jumbled and it can be hard to focus on daily tasks.
  • Sales calls, board meetings, and other highly social functions tend to drain you, and leave you searching for the right words to say, or feeling that you weren’t bringing your A-game.
  • You’ve noticed a dramatic decline in your levels of productivity.
  • You’ve experiencing a disruption in sleep which is affecting your mood.
  • You haven’t “felt like yourself” recently, even at home, and it feels like your brain is working against you at times.

If you’re nodding along to any of these things, then we’d say it’s time to do a little brain training!

You might be wondering how a brain training program could possibly help you when you already feel like your brain has nothing else to give.

But here at Brainvincible, we believe that brain performance is a product of your brain’s environment.

The kinds of foods you eat, how many hours you sleep, and the effects of light and noise pollution can all affect your brain’s ability to operate at maximum capacity.


But fortunately for you, there are also ways to scientifically alter your brain’s environment to enhance performance.

Brainvincible is a one-of-a-kind, cutting edge technology that helps to strengthen your brain against all of the stresses of our modern world.

Like any muscle that is continuously trained, your brain becomes stronger and more resilient with Brainvincible training!

Use Brainvincible to:


Boost your IQ


Evolve your emotional intelligence by understanding how you and others think and feel.


Enhance your creativity, focus, and cognition

Enhance your creativity, focus, and cognition

Improve social cognition and help you be “on” in important social situation

Our mission is simple

to help you create objective and memorable improvements in your brain performance through the use of our training programs.

Why is Brainvincible the Best?

Our team is a mix of medical experts, nutritionists, and tech specialists--and our programs reflect that.

Our programs are grounded in scientific principles and are the result of decades of deep study in brain function and neurofeedback.

Brainvincible programs also take a holistic focus and encompass elements of nutrition, sleep, and emotional intelligence.


This program is for you if you’d like to experience an increase in performance across multiple areas of your life.


We teach top performers to improve their relationships by training empathy, and to scale their productivity by teaching flow state working.


Doors open for creatives who have identified how to let their craft flourish, without experiencing frustrating blocks and breaks in concentration.


Students and athletes alike find their performance has been boosted past their “normal” peak performance.


“It’s your actions that make the difference, not your ideas.”

~ Dr. Hasan Ibne Akram, Brainvincible CEO


“It’s your actions that make the difference, not your ideas.”

~ Dr. Hasan Ibne Akram, Brainvincible CEO

With Brainvincible, you’ll find the true potential of your brainpower unleashed. You excel at getting your mental tasks done twice as fast. Your home and work life have balance. With our programs, your brain has the energy, calmness, and creativity you have always strived for.

Find what you’ve always been missing with our two programs:


On-Site Peak Performance Brain Training w/Neurofeedback
Virtual Peak Performance Brain Training

On-Site Peak Performance Brain Training w/Neurofeedback

Meet with our team of doctors, meditation experts, and psychotherapists to boost your brain’s performance.

Our on-site Peak Performance Brain Training w/Neurofeedback program focuses on:

  • Mapping Your Brain: Our experts will measure your brain's activity to tailor your program specifically to your needs.
  • Regulating Your Sleep: This program is designed to monitor your sleep so that your lifelong sleeping patterns now work for you.
  • Finding Your Peak Performance: We help you optimize your flow state so that you can focus, maintain attention, and continue to learn.
  • Managing Your Stress: No one likes to feel overwhelmed. You can learn to relax your brain and recharge.

Whether you are a top-performing CEO, artist, writer, athlete, or student, your brain is unique to you. No one else has it.

That’s why our Neurofeedback experts, doctors, and psychologists guide you through the brain training process to identify your unique areas of talent, problems, and discomforts.

Virtual Online Brain Training

Achieve better brain performance in just 90 days all from the comfort of your own home.

Our Virtual Peak Performance Brain Training features brain mapping, sleep regulation, peak performance assessment, and stress management. This training is centered around five science-based focuses that:

  • Improve intellectual & social performance: Communicate better than you did before.
  • Build stronger memory & recall: Never lose your step on a contract again.
  • Raise your IQ: Learn how to optimize your brain for better performance.
  • Cultivate emotional intelligence: Understand how you’re feeling so you can better understand how those around you are feeling.

Whether you want to enjoy the mindset of a winner, connect your body and mind or get past daily tasks that leave you drained, this program can help you achieve success.

Get your brain back in the driver's seat with a program and experts that are right at your fingertips.


“We can use technology to learn to sit in the driver’s seat of our own brains and minds”

- Rabea Akram, Medical doctor, Neurofeedback Specialist, Brainvincible Co-Founder

“Meditate like you are in love with yourself.”

- Ashrafi Knüll, Brainvincible Co-Founder, meditation expert, Speaker