Free your brain from the struggles of modern life.

At Brainvincible, we have scientific ways to achieve this.

  • Communicate better with your customers, employees, and colleagues.
  • Feed your creativity through an alternative, healthy option.
  • Achieve precision and regeneration, and optimize your athletic abilities.
  • No more late-night study sessions; excel on exams by learning how you should be studying.
  • Tap into resources lying dormant. Gain clarity. Make better long-term decisions and life choices.

Who came up with the idea?


Through the combination of traditional healing techniques and state-of-the-art technology to improve brain health, siblings Hasan, Ashrafi, and Rabea founded the company Brainvincible in 2018.

Each sibling has his or her own story behind the founding of Brainvincible.


Dr. Hasan Ibne Akram

Dr. Hasan Ibne Akram is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, speaker, podcaster, computer scientist, and lifelong student. He is the founder of leading award-winning Tech company Matrickz GmbH, Real Estate Company Guestbird and co-founder of Brainvincible. He earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science at the Technical University of Munich, turned his focus into innovation in the Automotive Software Industry.

His first life-changing experience with brain training was early in his life. At 16, he took part in a training called the Silva Method, which focused on the positive effects of meditation on difficulties in life.

Through this training, his grades improved; his confidence skyrocketed. Later in life, he looked for ways to further enhance his brain capacities in more objective and measurable ways; he then discovered neurofeedback. With a Ph.D. in Computer science, he used his technical knowledge to perfect existing methods and improve further.


His vision is to take human consciousness and brain performance one step ahead into the future.

Ashrafi Knüll

Ashrafi Knüll is a meditation expert, artist, poet, YouTuber, and aspiring book author. She is passionate about the art and science of self-improvement through training of the mind. She started as an outstanding fine arts student at Städelschule, the famous art school in Frankfurt am Main. Early in her study of art, she realized that she felt a greater passion for meditation, self-healing, and self-development. She has extensively studied different traditional and modern techniques of self-healing.

She had the idea to use her knowledge to combine traditional meditation practices with modern neuroscience.


In 2017, she founded a company that makes high-value dietary supplements for the brain because she found it hard to find high-quality products in the market.


Rabea Akram

licensed medical doctor

Rabea Akram is a licensed medical doctor, Neurofeedback specialist, aspiring Neurologist, research scientist, and public speaker. She studied medicine at the Georg August University of Göttingen, a leading university of the German Excellence Initiative. After acquiring her medical license in 2016, she worked in the field of Neurology in several teaching hospitals of the Technical University of Munich between 2017 and 2019.

She did extensive training in the field of Neurofeedback, Dementia, cognitive enhancement, and prevention in world-class institutes such as the University of Cambridge.

In her years of hospital work, as a young doctor, she came across countless patients who went to the hospital with preventable symptoms and diseases. This motivated her to focus on prevention and pursue technological innovation in enhancing brain health.

In 2018, she found a common cause with her siblings, who were also interested in brain health to develop the concept behind the company further, and Brainvincible was founded. Since April 2019, she has been leading the Brain Training team at Brainvincible. She is on a mission to improve brain health through prevention and innovation on a grand scale.


From this common link, Brainvincible and its programs were born.

Find what you’ve always been missing with our two programs:


On-Site Peak Performance Brain Training w/Neurofeedback
Virtual Peak Performance Brain Training

On-Site Peak Performance Brain Training w/Neurofeedback

Meet with our team of doctors, meditation experts, and psychotherapists to boost your brain’s performance.

Our on-site Peak Performance Brain Training w/Neurofeedback program focuses on:

  • Mapping Your Brain: Our experts will measure your brain's activity to tailor your program specifically to your needs.
  • Regulating Your Sleep: This program is designed to monitor your sleep so that your lifelong sleeping patterns now work for you.
  • Finding Your Peak Performance: We help you optimize your flow state so that you can focus, maintain attention, and continue to learn.
  • Managing Your Stress: No one likes to feel overwhelmed. You can learn to relax your brain and recharge.

Whether you are a top-performing CEO, artist, writer, athlete, or student, your brain is unique to you. No one else has it.

That’s why our Neurofeedback experts, doctors, and psychologists guide you through the brain training process to identify your unique areas of talent, problems, and discomforts.

Virtual Online Brain Training

Achieve better brain performance in just 90 days all from the comfort of your own home.

Our Virtual Peak Performance Brain Training features brain mapping, sleep regulation, peak performance assessment, and stress management. This training is centered around five science-based focuses that:

  • Improve intellectual & social performance: Communicate better than you did before.
  • Build stronger memory & recall: Never lose your step on a contract again.
  • Raise your IQ: Learn how to optimize your brain for better performance.
  • Cultivate emotional intelligence: Understand how you’re feeling so you can better understand how those around you are feeling.

Whether you want to enjoy the mindset of a winner, connect your body and mind or get past daily tasks that leave you drained, this program can help you achieve success.

Get your brain back in the driver's seat with a program and experts that are right at your fingertips.

Each unique program will push you from the everyday Joe to the high-performing individual you’ve always wanted to be.

From regulating your sleeping patterns and managing stress to understanding your brain, it’s time to put your brain back in the driver’s seat.

Are you ready?