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Here’s How It Works

In my years as a neurologist and brain expert, I’ve found that the people who get the very most out of themselves, their brains, and their minds…

Are the ones who take a complete approach, a holistic approach, to their brain health and performance.

Which is why my elite and exclusive Brainvincible Peak Brain Performance Coaching Program has 5 tracks in it…

To cover every key area of mental peak performance and brain health.


This is where I show you exactly how to get the very most out of your mind, no matter the time, no matter the situation. This is the foundation for peak mental performance.


There are ways to get your brain to reach its fullest potential, by addressing specific internal and external factors. This is where we do that together.


As we go throughout our days, especially as high performers, our brains can get worn down, and worn out. In this track, we cover how to regenerate your brain, so it can recover and come back even stronger, for the next day of peak performance.


A healthy brain is a high performing brain, and a high performing brain is a healthy brain. So in this track, I’ll show you the most effect ways to combat the brain aging process, so you can keep your brain feeling young, healthy, and primed for peak performance.


The brain and the mind are like muscles. Just like you exercise and train your muscles to grow stronger and more effective in the gym, you can do the same for your brain and your mind. This is where I walk you through the most effective exercises you can do in just minutes a day, to strengthen your brain and your mind.

Who Is This Coaching Program For?

This elite and exclusive coaching program is for any high performer who’s committed to getting more out of themselves, their minds, and their brains.

If you’re not truly committed to peak mental performance, and investing in yourself to achieve it, then this coaching program may not be for you.

Yet if you’re ready, willing, and able to do what it takes to take your mental performance and your brain health to the next level, then fill out the application below.