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From the desk of our Co-Founder Rabea Akram, MD
Neurofeedback Specialist

What you can expect from Brainvincible:

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PLUS Brainvincible is non-habit forming… AND

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With BRAINVINCIBLE - you can not only balance, but master the millions of things you have going on…

Hello. I'm so glad you're here.

My name is Rabea Akram, MD, and I’m a Cambridge University trained medical doctor and have worked with and helped thousands of patients…

The symptoms above all come from Neuro-Communication Breakdown.

Being a doctor, I started doing lots of research…

Only to realize that almost every solution I’d found for peak mental performance fell woefully short…

All this means is that in order for our brains to operate at their peak, and stay healthy our brain cells need to be able to talk to each other, and communicate with each other.

Yet when people feel tired, unmotivated, distracted, and stressed out their brains, and more specifically their brain cells, just aren’t communicating with each other the way they need to, to do the jobs they’re meant to do.

See, a healthy brain consists of 3 main things:

1. Synapses

Synapses are how our brain cells receive messages from each other.

However, when someone’s under stress, especially consistent stress…

Your synapses can shrink and shrivel up.

And not only that, but some folks can lose their synapses entirely.

When this happens, the brain cells can’t connect with or talk to each other like they need to…

And the parts of the brain responsible for controlling memory, decision-making, emotions, and attention don’t work as well.

2. Neuro-Communication Breakdown

This is why we call it Neuro-Communication Breakdown, because the brain and its cells aren’t able to communicate with each other like we want and need them to.

The messages get lost, and when the brain can’t receive messages, we can end up becoming distracted, unmotivated, and stressed out among other things.

Yet as frustrating as this breakdown sounds and is, there’s actually a way to make sure the brain and its cells effectively talk to and communicate with each other…

So the brain can do what it needs to do, at the highest level…No matter the situation.

And it can actually be as simple as flipping a switch….

3. Turning on the Neuro-Communication Switch (the NCS)

Your NCS strengthens your synapses so the cells in the brain can talk to each other more effectively…

So they can better communicate what needs to get done, when it needs to get done.

The NCS supports the brain’s ability to build synapses (how our cells receive messages)…

Make them stronger…

And produce more neurotransmitters (AKA the chemical words that send and create those messages)…

So the brain’s cells can communicate more effectively…

And help with things like:









The Ultimate Super Powerful Neuro-Communication Switch Breakthrough...

(At a price anyone can afford.)


Daytime Formula

1-Month Supply

Normally $99
*Special discounted pricing available for a limited time only.

A natural, daily supplement full of everything needed to activate the Neuro-Communication Switch to support brain optimization and promote overall brain health.

What happens after just a few days of adding this to your morning shake or daily routine?

Say goodbye to...

And SAY HELLO to...

Then Brainvincible is your solution because it simply works.

So what exactly is in Brainvincible?

Of course, Brainvincible wouldn’t be a Neuro-Communication Switch supporter without DL Phenylalanine, Uridine Monophosphate, and Bacopa Monnieri…

Which is why each serving of Brainvincible contains the right amounts of all three…

So you can keep your brain cells talking to each other as well as they can.

Yet because I refused to create anything I wouldn’t personally take myself…

I have a special surprise for you that makes Brainvincible even BETTER at helping your brain cells talk to each other…

So you can get the most out of your brain, and your life!

What's the surprise?

Neuro-Communication Switch superheros DL Phenylalanine, Uridine Monophosphate, and Bacopa Monnieri are just the foundation…

This mental performance enhancing, brain optimizing and brain health supporting formula is packed with SEVENTEEN more brain boosting nutrients!


Our Ingredients:

Ashwagandha Root


The first incredible bonus nutrient is one of my favorites.

It’s a powerful adaptogen called Indian Winter Cherry, better known as Ashwagandha.

Why is Ashwagandha in Brainvincible?

Well, remember earlier when I told you about Neuro-Communication Breakdown?

When you’re under stress, your synapses (the parts of your brain that receive messages from other brain cells)…


Can shrink and shrivel up. And not only that, but some folks can lose their synapses entirely.

When this happens, the brain cells can’t connect with or talk to each other like they need to…

And the parts of the brain responsible for controlling memory, decision-making, emotions, and attention don’t work as well. 15

So in order for your Neuro-Communication Switch to work as well as it can…

So your brain cells can talk to each other as clearly and much as we want and need them to…

It would make sense to get rid of as much stress as possible, right?

Well, that’s exactly why Ashwagandha is in Brainvincible.


Because it’s not only been shown to promote wellbeing…

Reduce levels of stress, anxiety, and cortisol (AKA stress hormone #3)…16,17,18

But doctors from Yale University and Syracuse Medical School have even considered it as a drug-free alternative for stress and anxiety.19

And since Ashwagandha has been shown to help support not only a healthy response to stress and anxiety…

By helping the body and brain adapt in stressful and anxiety provoking situations…

But also maintain healthy cortisol levels so stress doesn’t take over in the first place…

And promoting healthy stress support throughout the body and brain’s natural stress response…

In the event something does stress you out…

I couldn’t take a chance with anything less than the highest quality form of Ashwagandha…

Which is why Brainvincible does not have regular Ashwagandha in it.

No, it only has Sensoril®.

Sensoril® is the only form of Ashwagandha that has been clinically tested in 10 randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled human trials (the gold standard of medical testing)…

Protected by multiple U.S. patents, as well as GRAS, Generally Recognized As Safe, status.

Yet because stress is the main culprit behind Neuro-Communication Breakdown…

I couldn’t just stop with Sensoril® Ashwagandha…

If I wanted Brainvincible to be the best way to get the most out of your Neuro-Communication Switch, and ultimately, your brain, it needed even more supernutrients.

Rhodiola Rosea

Which is why each serving of Brainvincible also contains a potent dosage of Rhodiola Rosea…

rhodiola-rosea-wikiAn anti-stress, and overall brain boosting powerhouse.

Not only does Rhodiola help support resistance to mental fatigue…20

Optimal mental performance when under pressure and stress…21

Especially in studies of doctors on night shifts like me…22

A healthier stress response…

And a more positive mood…23

But it can also help the brain make more neurons (AKA brain cells)…24

And help support healthy levels of serotonin, a critical neurotransmitter/chemical word…25

For even better neuro-communication.

Yet as a high performer, you deal with all kinds of things every day that can stress you out…

Keep your brain running a mile a minute when you need to slow it down…

And most importantly, can lead to Neuro-Communication Breakdown.

So on top of Sensoril® Ashwagandha, and Rhodiola Rosea to combat stress and stress related Neuro-Communication Breakdown…

I’ve added even more stress fighters to Brainvincible.


Including L-Theanine, a brain supporting super nutrient that can not only help fight stress and keep you relaxed under pressure…

l-theanineBut also improve energy levels without caffeine.

With L-Theanine, you can get the benefits of an alert calm and relaxation, without the drowsiness that can come from a lot of other anti-stress solutions…

So you can feel calm, relaxed, and balanced, even if you have hours and hours of meetings…


Teams to manage…

All while making time for your family and friends, so you can live the life you want to live.26

And as if that weren’t enough to make L-Theanine another powerhouse in the fight against stress and overwhelm…

It’s also been shown to help reduce physical and mental stress responses in stressful situations.

Just picture what it would be like to have kids running all over the house…

As you get an urgent call from work…

And maintaining a lower, healthy heart rate…


As if you were just relaxing by a pool on a warm, summer day, with the sun shining on your face.

Well, research shows that L-Theanine can also help lower heart rate, and increase heart rate variability, during stressful situations…

Both of which suggest the sympathetic nervous system (part of the stress response) is being blocked or weakened despite the stressful situations.27

Add that L-Theanine also resulted in people getting better sleep, and having fewer sleep disturbances…

And it’s no surprise why I made sure L-Theanine was an active ingredient in Brainvincible.28

But one of the effects of stress and overwhelm can be fatigue and difficulty focusing…


So I’ve also added a relative of L-Theanine, called L-Tyrosine, specifically N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine (or NALT) that can help keep you beat stress, and feel alert, focused, and energized…


Even if you’ve been up all night…

And are juggling family, work, finances, and whatever else daily life can throw at us.

An amino acid so effective as a stress fighter, that both the U.S. Army and Dutch military have both tested it as a way to keep people calm and cool under pressure with positive results!29,30

Now if you’re anything like me, then maybe you’ve had a night or two (or more in my case) of less than stellar sleep…

Even though you have something important to do the next day.

And if you are in fact like me, then maybe you’ve experienced the extra stress and anxiety from knowing you didn’t sleep well…

And won’t be alert or on top of your game for that important task, meeting, or event.


However, that’s where L-Tyrosine can come in and save the day…

Because Tyrosine has been shown to benefit those who are sleep deprived.

In fact, a single dose of it helped people who lost a night’s sleep stay alert for three hours longer than they otherwise would.31

And even if you have gotten a great night’s sleep, but still have a lot going on…

Tyrosine can help get you from task to task without additional stress or anxiety.

In one study in 22 women, tyrosine significantly improved working memory during a mentally demanding task, compared to a placebo…

And working memory plays an important role in concentration and following instructions.32

In a similar study, 22 participants were given either a tyrosine supplement or placebo before completing a test used to measure how well they could switch between tasks or thoughts.

improve-cognitive-flexibilityCompared to the placebo, tyrosine was found to improve cognitive flexibility….33

The ability to effectively switch between tasks or thoughts.

What’s more, two reviews found that supplementing with tyrosine can help support cognition in short-term, stressful or mentally demanding situations.34,35

And as if that weren’t enough, NALT has also been shown to help produce dopamine, one of the most important chemical words/neurotransmitters your brain needs to be at its peak (that we talked about earlier)…

While at the same time, helping protect the brain from losing neurotransmitters when the brain is very active.36

So with DL Phenylalanine, Uridine Monophosphate, Bacopa Monnieri…

Sensoril® Ashwagandha, Rhodiola Rosea…

L-Theanine, and N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine…

You might think Brainvincible has everything you need to get peak performance out of you and your brain…

And these 7 ingredients alone can be game changers when it comes to peak mental performance…

Yet I didn’t stop there.

Spice Curcumin

Brainvincible also includes the ancient spice curcumin, that can help strengthen your Neuro-Communication Switch in more ways than one.


Not only can curcumin help build new neurons/brains cells…37

But it’s also been shown to help block the stress hormone that sends cortisol into your bloodstream…38

Resulting in a healthier stress response…

Less stress…

And ultimately helping keep your synapses stronger…

So your brain can receive the messages it needs to do what you want it to do and need it do…

No matter the situation.

And since synapses are a key part of the Neuro-Communication Switch…

Brainvincible wouldn’t be complete without Citocholine and DHA.

Remember earlier when I mentioned how in order for your brain to make synapses…

The way brain cells’ messages get from one cell to another…

That you need Uridine Monophosphate and something called choline?

Well, it turns out, you actually need UM, choline, and DHA…39


Yet not only does Citocholine help your brain builder stronger synapses for better Neuro-Communication…

But it also helps make more UM…

Protects the brain and its cells…40

And if that weren’t enough…

It can also help produce more of the key chemical word dopamine that your brain needs for enhanced memory, concentration, learning and mood.41

OK so just to recap…

So far we have Neuro-Communication Switch rockstars Uridine Monophosphate, DL Phenylalanine, and Bacopa Monnieri…

Stress support and relief from Sensoril® Ashwagandha and Rhodiola Rosea…

Additional brain cell and stress support from curcumin…

And synapse and neurotransmitter powerhouses Citocholine and DHA…

To make your Neuro-Communication Switch incredibly strong with Brainvincible’s Neuro-Communication Switch optimizing formula…

Yet that’s only half of the ingredients in Brainvincible!

That’s right.

Ginko Biloba

For safe measure I’ve also added another all around Neuro-Communication Switch superstar in Gingko Biloba…

ginkgo-bilobaThat can help make more of the chemical words (neurotransmitters) the brain needs to communicate…42

Helps protect your brain cells…43

Promotes growth of new brain cells…44

And improves short term memory while helping reduce stress and anxiety.45,46

But that’s not all.

Brain Boosting Vitamins

I’ve also included brain boosting vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, and folate…47


Vitamin D3, for stronger Neuro-Communication and Synapses…48

Vitamin C for even more brain protection and chemical word (AKA neurotransmitter) production.49 50

With all 20 of these brain optimizing, performance boosting, and health supporting ingredients…

It’s no surprise that men and women across the country are turning to Brainvincible to get the most out of their brains…

So they can be at their best…

Meaning that every single capsule of Brainvincible is made safely to the highest of standards.

Plus all the ingredients are tested by an independent third-party laboratory…

Where they analyze the ingredients…

To ensure that what’s seen on the label is what’s actually inside.

AND Brainvincible also contains no sugar, gluten, starch, salt, wheat, corn, yeast, soy derivatives, lactose, colors, or dyes…

The More Brainvincible Is Used, The Better Chance It Has At Enhancing Health and Performance.

“Unfortunately I've been dealing with a stomach condition these last few months, and haven't been able to try Brainvincible.That said, I did get a chance to try to BV PM for a little while.Brainvincible PM was a welcome addition to my sleep routine, and I love that it comes in an easy to mix powder instead of capsules. I take enough supplements at night that not having to take more capsules made a big difference for me. I'd recommend Brainvincible PM if you're looking to wind down and fall asleep easier each night.“
Sam Robson
Verified Customer
“I've never taken brain supplements before. I struggled with focus and motivation, couldn’t get anything done, and felt terrible about it at the end of the day. But hearing about Brainvincible, it made sense to me that our brain is at the core of everything we do. I decided to give it a try and after using it for several weeks, I can confidently say that it has helped me more than any supplement I can remember. I feel more motivated to work as if my brain is focusing on productive tasks. The usual energy lull I would feel in the afternoon doesn't seem to be happening now, and I can work on challenging tasks until 5 or 6 pm without feeling burnt out. I can't tell you how refreshing this feels. By taking Brainvincible, I discovered that improving the way the brain performs has the power to fundamentally change how we feel and operate. It was one of the best decisions I've made for my productivity and mental health, and I can't recommend it highly enough, especially to someone that may be a skeptic of brain supplements just like I was.”
Tyler Ryan
Verified Customer
“After contracting COVID a few months ago, and since then, I’ve never quite gotten back to feeling normal.My energy levels have suffered dramatically, and I have a great deal more trouble concentrating and remembering things now.Most days, I’d crash in the middle of the afternoon and have to take a nap just to keep going.The very first day I started taking Brainvincible, within hours in fact, I experienced a noticeable improvement in my ability to focus and concentrate.Over the next several days, I could feel myself becoming more productive again, able to multi-task, and handle the hectic pace of my work life.The energy crashes have stopped completely now, and I’m able to work a full 10 hour day again, without any issues.My stress levels have dissipated, and my mood has improved dramatically.To say Brainvincible really works for me is a gross understatement. It’s literally given me my life back after COVID.”
Ben Clark
Verified Customer
After a recent surgery, of which I needed anesthesia and pain medication to follow, I experienced a level of Brain Fog for several days. When resuming my daily supplement protocol, I began to take Brainvincible in the morning and evening. Oh my goodness, nearly immediately I felt a clarity that I hadn’t felt in days. My brain was so happy, with a new sharpness! I am convinced that my brain is responding to Brainvincible like no other brain products I may have tried in the past. And the taste....it's a refreshing flavor! As my containers reach near the bottom, I am reminded that I mustn’t be without Brainvincible in my supplement pantry!Thank you for such a great product!
Karen O'Bryan-Cortis
Verified Customer
I feel like - before Brainvincible - I had brain overwhelm every day. I would start my day trying to remember what was on the schedule and race forward, forgetting things and feeling constantly overwhelmed, not able to remember names or details, and hitting the wall by mid-afternoon, exhausted. SINCE starting Brainvincible, I have a new life. * I sleep deeper and wake up refreshed and optimistic about the day ahead. * I have a clear start to my day with no sense of overwhelm, remembering details and names without any struggle. * At 3pm I still hit an energy dip, and sometimes I choose to take my Brainvincible AM a second time, which gives me another round of focus and productivity. Is this stuff magic???? I want to say to anyone listening that your brain health is NOT out of your control - like some freight train running away from you that you can’t catch. It’s about having the right brain food to start AND to end the day. While subtler, it turned out that the Brainvincible PM was a vital part of the equation. I'm so grateful to have this product. More please! Mary Agnes Antonopoulos, CEO of Viral Integrity
Mary Agnes Antonopoulos
Verified Customer

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Daytime Formula

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