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Are you a mover-and-shaker in your industry, but suffer from:


Poor Job





This gradual decline of brain function can be attributed to the way you are treating your brain. Our modern lives and work are not great environments to get the most out of our brains and minds.

Meet with our team of doctors, meditation experts, and psychotherapists to boost your brain’s performance.

Our on-site Peak Performance Brain Training w/Neurofeedback program focuses on:


Mapping Your Brain:

Your brain is one-of-a-kind, literally. To complement that, our training program's unique feature is the precise objective measurement of your brain activity. Our experts will measure the activity of your brain to tailor your program specifically to your needs.

Enhance Your Intelligence:

Case studies have shown that Neurofeedback can increase up to 11.5 IQ points. In this program, you will identify how to learn, think and process information faster, using up less mental energy.


Finding Your Peak Performance:

We help you optimize your flow state to focus, maintain attention, and learn.


Increase Your Creativity:

In our training, you will improve your right brain activity and optimize the key creativity networks, leading up to 10x more creativity.


Boost Your Emotional Intelligence:

Through this program, you will understand your own emotions and those of others.


Regulating Your Sleep:

Do you have a hard time sleeping? Or, you can’t fall asleep at all? This program is designed to monitor your sleep so that your lifelong sleeping patterns now work for you.


Managing Your Stress:

When your daily tasks leave you overwhelmed, this is a sign that you are on the verge of burnout. In this program, you will learn to relax your brain to a state in which regeneration and recharging happen. Face the challenges of life head-on with this program.


Individualized Brain Training:

Whether you are a top-performing CEO, artist, writer, athlete, or student, your brain is unique to you. No one else has it. That’s why our Neurofeedback experts, doctors, and psychologists guide you through the brain training process to identify your unique areas of talent, problems, and discomforts.

Who is a good fit for this program?

Do you want to achieve:

  • Lightning-fast decision-making
  • Rapid memory recall
  • More of your brain’s power

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How is Brainvincible keeping our guests safe during the COVID-19 pandemic?

We are taking all the hygiene measures as recommended by the German authorities. These include wearing a face mask, frequent hand washing, facility cleaning maintenance, maintaining 2-meter distance, proper ventilation of the rooms in our facility with fresh air.